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Case Studies

Below are organizations and examples of my contributions...

Thank you all for allowing me to put my passion to work!

  • Improvement advisor to Enterprise wide Departments

  • Project management

  • Employee engagement

  • Safety champion

  • Wellness champion

  • Implement Lean in Finance organization.

  • Diagnostic assessments

  • Gap analysis

  • Value Stream Map with FMEA and RACI

  • Huddle board development and coaching

  • Procedure documentation

  • RCPS facilitation

  • Training

  • Lead Six Sigma Project to Optimize Fleet of Vehicles across Plant Site - reduced equipment by 33%.

  • Lead project to replace all building signs effeciently and cost effective.

  • Lead project to upgrade Main Lobby with new Branding scheme.

  • Lead Net Present Value model for asset - allowing management to choose scenario that avoids $4MM.

  • Lead project to optimize rental equipment and increase transparency for better utilization and collaboration.

  • Train over 600 employees on subjects: Lean, Continuous Improvement, Respect, Difficult Conversations, Feedback and Coaching...

  • Lead Six Sigma Project to reduce time through homeland Security gate to minimize waiting time.

  • Reduce Fixed Asset Sarbanes Oxley monthly process time from days to hours.

  • Mentor Six Sigma Green belts students to certification

  • Notify Corporate customers of Daily funding to Citibank.

  • Process credit requests

  • Developed process to reduce cycle time and trained team on new process

  • Account reconciliation 

  • Account Management tasks

More to come - stay tuned

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