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Help with Lean

Put my passion to work.

Every organization, big, small, family, farm, school.... has opportunities to improve, even individuals have room to improve. Those opportunities in "Lean", we refer to as waste and by reducing waste, we gain time, money, value....


How would you like more time or money or become more valuable... then lets try lean.


So what is lean you ask?  You can google this and find mutliple definitions, but basically it is eliminating or minimizing waste, through the use of various lean tools.


Waste is anything that does not add value to your "organization" or something the customer is not willing to pay for.


Lean Common wastes: Defect, Over Production, Waiting, Not engaging employees, Transportation, Inventory, Motion, Excess processing.


Lean Common tools: 5S, Visual Management, Kaizen, Value Stream map,Six Sigma, Kan Ban, A3, freelance, consultant, improvement advisor...







Need some Microsoft Excel Help? Basic, Pivot tables, Lookups...
Want to work on some waste?
I can't wait to help out lets get started!
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