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Allergist Q&A allergy

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Just passing along the answers and notes from my meeting with the Allergist:

  • I asked about other tips to help with restaurants - she said using a card with child's allergies on it may help, she said we can call ahead and ask if it is a new restaurant.

  • I read the emails from IHOP, Taco Bell and Woodside creamery - she said she would avoid those places since the risk of cross contact

  • I mentioned some Deli's have pistachios meats and they are sliced on the same equipment - she said to avoid those.

  • I mentioned some places said they would clean the equipment - she said I would have to know how they cleaned it, she said just wiping off will not stop the allergen, but thorough cleaning with soap and water would be good.

  • I asked if she eats a little would the reaction be little and if she ate a lot of an allergen would it be bigger - she said not necessarily, that a little can cause a big reaction and that if they are sick at the time of a reaction that can make it a big reactions

  • I asked if refined peanut oil like at Chik fil a is safe - she said yes

  • I asked about bakeries - she said that "made on" and "made in" is a No and that ask about the cleaning process

  • She said for nuts in the home to use separate utensils

  • I asked about going into 6th grade and any tips - she said don't worry about nut free tables since your child knows better, she said she does not recommend 504 unless the school is not aware of allergy prevention, she said she can write a note for school

  • I asked about resources to learn more - she said the FARE website has the blank cards and other information

  • I asked about products and what to look for in the stores - she said to avoid "made in" and "made on"

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