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Allergy death, died in Dad's arms

In the news they say she immediately went to shock and die in her father’s arms…she was with friends & family and they say it was dark…but as she took that bite the tell her spit it out but it was too late….

Go on line and put in 12 year old die in fathers arms…it will come up

Yes, and notice she was a teenager. I am trying to teach her to be responsible… A question I have is did she have her EPI PEN, did she use it…..

That is all part of being responsible…

Thanks for the article, Baili’s school is still not up to speed, so I will share this with them..


This is so sad…I see why you check Baileys intake

Teenager dies in father's arms after peanut reaction

16 hrs ago 2:08 CBS-Sacramento

Thirteen-year-old Natalie Giorgi's family issued a statement: “As our hearts are breaking over this tragedy, we hope others can learn from this that food allergies are life-threatening.” Natalie's Rice Krispies treat was iced with chocolate and peanut butter, and the teen was allergic to peanuts. Even though she spat it out, the bite was enough to put her to anaphylactic shock and cardiac arrest.

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