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Allergy proofing starts

We quickly learned the seriousness of her allergy, the doctor said the next reaction could be worse. Which put me into safeguard mode. I use to eat a peanut butter sandwich everyday at work. As I mentioned her brother loved his mixed nuts. But to avoid cross contact, our house became tree nut and peanut free.

We learned peanuts are grown in the ground.

One challenge was going over relatives who did not understand the concern with cross contact and how she would only need a minute piece or a smudge of the nut protein to react.

We were lucky that she was not as sensitive as others we hear about, where if they are in the same room they may have a reaction.

Key take away:

Learn the risks and safeguards

Seek resources for further learning

Share with friends and family

Be ready for "you are over reacting" responses

Your actions:

Share any stories of safeguarding

Share any initial stories learning

Share any basics with communicating with family

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