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Candy for good behavior

Just want to share old emails about our allergy Journey.

This was from kindergarten, I got a call from the nurse about her allergy.

Spoke to the nurse and followed up with the teacher via email.

I wrote:


Thanks for sending Baili down to the nurse

Just following up the nurse's call

I will have a talk with Baili later on.(her responsibility of avoiding snacks)

I just wanted to understand the details around the snack:

it was a party and everyone recieved one

a parent unknowingly handed her one

she took one


I wanted to know so I can help ensure the risk of this happening in the future is low.

Although she did not have a reaction, it does not mean she is not allergic, the package as it was read to me was that the snack was in a facility that processes nuts, so the company

is making it known that a raction can occur, to minimize their liability...

Please advise when you get a moment

- Thanks again

Teacher wrote:

The class was watching a movie for indoor recess and several children did a great job the entire time, Baili being one of them. I pulled out gummy candies and called only about 5 kids up to get a treat for good behavior. Not until several minutes later did I realize that I gave BAILI 2 gummy candies! It was an honest mistake and I made sure to walk her right to the nurse myself. I do apologize and feel badly that I absent mindedly gave her that.

So sorry!

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