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Contacting Senator regarding Allergies

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Subject: Fw: Life Threatening Allergies in Delaware


Hope you had a nice weekend

- Not sure of your schedule

-I'm sure it is packed

In regards to your voicemail about us discussion Allergy policies/laws....

I just wanted to follow up, that I can talk anytime you want

If you would like me to come to the office I can do that as well

- If you are busy, is there another route to take

thanks again




Thanks for the call.

I'm unsure if you were forwarded the email I have sent to others with my inquiry. If not it is below.

If so, I will refer to it when we speak.

You mentioned when I am available for us to speak.

Sunday anytime after 1pm

Monday-Saturday anytime after 9am

Thanks again




With some research, I believe Delaware does not have any guidance/laws/mandates... to protect those with life threatening allergies (public sector or schools)

I would like to bring this to light and help in the journey to protect those with life threatening allergies.

Here is a case of a recent school death example for the seriousness of this concern:

I believe this could have been avoided if they had such laws/guidance/mandates...

I have a kindergartener with such allergies and I am often worried about her safety when she is at school. I have done what I can to raise awareness, set procedures for her and bring to the administration attention, my concerns and possible exposures for them to think about. I do my best to remind her and train her about her allergies and although I do feel a bit more comfortable after my efforts, I think about the other kids at other schools and are they being as proactive or concerned.....

So I believe there is a need to up the bar on allergies in Delaware ...and once again I am willing to help.

With that said, I have found a state that is a pioneer on this just topic. They have guidance from the State DOE level- to help schools develop a schoolwide plan, but do not require them to have one.

Fortunately - They have recently passed a law (through public safety), for restaurants to be certified and display posters in regards to allergies and after speaking to the DOE there, they mentioned how this law does now require the schools to have a plan.

Below is both the links: A) to the Guide to setting a policy at schools and B) information on the Act.

So with this information - we do not have to reinvent the wheel, the foundational work is done and I see we can leverage and collaborate to bring this to Delaware fairly easy (but easier said than done, right?)

Please advise on where you see my next step.

Thanks and have great day

Links below:

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