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Field trip - take epi pen?

My thoughts on the comment was that an epi pen should go with the child even if they were not planning to eat while on the field trip… So I sent a request today for the meeting and will bring it up then.

Thanks again.


From: To: JENNINGS, BRANDON A. Subject: RE: Epi Pen inquiry - Fieldtrips

Dear Mr. Jennings,

I would encourage you to set up a time to meet with the nurse, principal, and perhaps the District Coordinator. While it seems that you are communicating with the nurse, you indicated that you are not satisfied with her responses. So, as you have identified, more communication is needed and I congratulate you for taking the initiative to set up the meeting.

Health Services & Director, School Support Services Delaware Department of Education 401 Federal Street, Suite #2 Dover, DE 19901

From: Brandon.Jennings Sent: Monday, August 19, 2013 2:06 PM To: Subject: Epi Pen inquiry - Fieldtrips

Hope all is well,

We spoke in 2012 and I wanted to run the comment below by you, under field trip:

“Students did not eat until they returned to school.”

You may get from the email, that Baili went on a field trip and on the permission slip it was noted that she had allergies. But the Epi pen did not go with her….

What your thoughts on this matter.

I plan to set up a 504 meeting with the school today.




From: Sent: Wednesday, June 12, 2013 1:08 PM To: JENNINGS, BRANDON A. Subject: RE: Baili Jennings - 504 plan, Epi Pen, Bus driver, field trip

Mr. Jennings, Epi Pen I gave Baili her epi- pen yesterday afternoon to put into her book bag and asked her to give it to you or her mother. 504 We will meet in the beginning of the school year. You can request a mid- year meeting in January. Fieldtrip We are all responsible for the care and well- being of all of our students at Wilmington Manor. Students did not eat until they returned to school. Bus Driver Mrs. Downward walked Baili out to the bus after our 504 meeting and introduced Baili to him. She also gave him a copy of the information sheet that you gave her regarding Baili’s allergies. Have a great summer From: Brandon.Jenning Sent: Tuesday, June 11, 2013 9:32 AM Subject: Baili Jennings - 504 plan, Epi Pen, Bus driver, field trip Hope all is well – Last day of school! Just a few questions and clarifications inquiries: Epi Pen: Just wanted to know how should I obtain Baili’s Epi –Pen – Please advise. 504 Plan: Just a reminder for me especially - from discussion with Mrs. Chapman, Next session-at our beginning of the year meeting, I would like to propose a mid year review (can be as simple as everyone signing the documents again vs calling a sit down mtg.) and you have reminded me that we can have a meeting at any time. - This came about from the fieldtrip discussion. Fieldtrip: I wanted some clarification. I was reminded that on the 504 plan that a Parent was to accompany Baili. So I agree that was a oversite by us as Parents- we should have been there…. (Another reason I would like a mid-year reminder) I want your thoughts on if the school felt some responsibility in the Epi Pen not going on the trip. – Please advise. Bus driver: I asked the bus driver if he knew of Baili’s allergies. He said no one mentioned that to him. Please advise. When you get a moment, please advise, It does not have to be today, but please before the end of summer vacation. Thanks again Brandon

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