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Going to middle school allergy check in

Good Morning Brandon

Thank you for your email regarding Baili. Nutrition Services looks forward to proving allergy free meals to Baili at George Read Middle School. I have copied Amanda Coen, Nutrition Services Specialist and Registered Dietitian on this message. Amanda works with all special dietary requests in the district and creates special menus to meet individual student needs. I will have Amanda reach out to you to set up a convenient time to discuss Baili allergies and dietary needs, which can be done by phone or in person.

Best Regards



Hi Mr. Jennings! I can assure you that Baili would be well taken care of here regarding her food allergies. At the beginning of the school year I will send out an email and Information Sheet to her teachers listing Baili's allergies and reactions, and all of her teachers will be educated on how to use Epi-Pens. Additionally, there are emergency Epi-Pens hanging in the cafeteria in case of emergencies, and all cafeteria staff have been educated on how and when to use them. At lunch there will also be a nut-free table that we'll have Baili eat lunch at. All staff is aware not to bring in foods for the class that contain peanuts and other nuts.

At the beginning of the school year, I will need an Epi-Pen for Baili and an Allergy Action Plan filled out and signed by her physician to have on file. Also, if there are respiratory symptoms that come along with her allergies, I'll need an Asthma Action Plan as well. If your doctor doesn't already have these forms, I can send them home and/or fax them to your doctor's office to be filled out.

Substitute awareness may be an opportunity for Baili to gain independence and responsibility in making others aware of her allergies. We can certainly work to include her situation in Substitute Plans for individual teachers, but there may be situations that arise where she will have to tell someone she has a severe allergy. But again, we will do everything we can to make sure that school is safe and allergen-free for Baili!

I hope that was helpful!


Mrs. Adams,

This was extremely helpful and reassuring. Thanks for the detailed and prompt response. Her allergist also mentioned building Baili independence/responsibility, we believe Baili is responsible, this summer we started to have her let others know about her allergy to build confidence in speaking up and with that the allergist said eating at regular tables would be ok, but if Baili has to eat at the designated table that is fine too.

The Allergist does have the plans that we will obtain and we will also send in the epi pens. Its nice to hear the cafeteria has them hanging- very impressive.

Once again, this helped a lot and we look forward to the upcoming school year.

Thank you again and have a nice day.



First off, welcome to GR! In addition to the information that Ms. Adams sent, I wanted to provide some other important info for the upcoming school year.

· Ms. Carlson, the 6th grade counselor, will be in contact with you within the first few days of school to speak with you about Baili and the plan that WM had set up for her.

· She will then share the plan with her team of teachers – in conjunction with Ms. Adams.

· The peanut free table in the cafeteria is wiped down with antiseptic between each lunch to ensure that no students have the opportunity to walk by and touch it on the way out! J Baili will be able to choose friends to sit with her at the round table…this is a big deal for the students...for some reason, they all love the round tables!

· If she is taking Culinary, we will ensure Ms. Ward is aware of Baili’s allergy, as well. However, she had not used peanuts in the past (as we have many students with allergies).

I hope this is helpful! Please let me know, if you have any further questions.


Hope your summer is going well.

We received the back to school packet and wanted to reach out to see what measures are in place for kids with food allergies. Baili has severe allergies to Tree nuts and peanuts. Measures like cross contact prevention and serving foods that are not made on the same equipment as nuts come to mind.

She went to Wilmington Manor last year and they were great.

When you get a moment, please advise.

Thanks and have a nice day.


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