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First Allergic Reaction

February 7th 2008. She was 20 months old and hanging out with her brother on the couch, I think they were watching the Wiggles. "Hot potato-Hot potato". I believe I was coming from the kitchen and saw her turning blue and became lethargic, I may be mixed up because her brother when he was around 13 months old on December 27th 2004 had a febrile seizure, just stared and then turned blue, in any case it was noticeable, alarming, scary...we called 911 and then comforted them and waited for the paramedics.

Police came first, then ambulance, both kids came around in a minute and was dazed. We went to the hospital and explained what the circumstances were.

She had eaten some nuts from her brothers mixed nuts snack bag. She had her test and was positive for an allergy to peanuts and tree nuts.

We did not know anything about food allergies and anaphylaxis or what to look for...

So the adventure begins.

Key takeaway:

Be aware of the 8 allergens

Be aware of possible reactions when you give them to your kids

Be aware of studies of introducing foods earlier to avoid allergens

Be as calm as possible and call for help

Your actions:

Share any 1st reaction stories

Share any tips for parents who may not be knowledgeable about food allergies

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