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Melanies medleys cream cheese allergy

Hi Brandon, we’ve given you plenty of information and therefore feel this conversation is complete.

Take care,Melanie



Thank you for the follow up. Ah, I got it, so since your cleaning processes “eliminates” the allergen then you cannot use the statement in my excerpt since that is for processes that cannot effectively eliminate.

I guess I’m more hung up on “cannot or doesn’t allow” especially for more consumer awareness- how could that be bad and restrictive.

Can you place what you wrote on the website- for those highly sensitive...

Do you have the legislation handy?

Thank you again for your time. I really appreciate it and if you don’t have the time to follow up, I do understand.

I’m just a parent who seen a severe reaction, trying to avoid another and hope to minimize the burden on others.

Thank you again and hope you have a happy new year




We completely understand that the protection statements such as “produced in the same facility or equipment that also processes nuts” would be beneficial to many consumers, however primarily we have to follow the FDA legislation that doesn’t allow us to add this statement to our product labels since our sanitation program would effectively eliminate the cross contact with allergenic ingredients. Even though our allergenic residue testing provides a negative result, all the testing methodologies available don’t guarantee a zero quantity of an allergenic protein (but the detection limit is very low), so we still like to warn customers when we are asked this question since some allergic individuals may have a very high sensitivity to an allergenic protein. I hope this information clarifies your concern. We appreciate the continuous interest in our products. Melanie


Thank you Melanie

I really appreciate the information, you can imagine no one would want an allergic reaction. A couple suggestions

Ultimately we would love to have your product so creating a line that is allergy friendly, but do understand business constraints

Maybe adding a FAQ section

Or labeling the product itself

When I look for products and I see that companies at the optional information, it’s great it shows that they are aware of other consumers pain points and although we cannot buy that product it does say a lot about the company.

Best of luck with business and hope you have a happy holidays


Hi Brandon, yes our cream cheese is made in the same facility and same equipment as products that contain nuts.

Thank you,


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Season greetings

We have a child with a nut allergy and I wanted to know if your cream cheese is made in the same facility as products that has nuts and or if the cream cheese is made on the same equipment

we are concerned with cross contact please advise

thank you

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