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No school allergy plan

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

After meeting with the nurse, it was not deemed high priority.

I then met with the assistant principal and principal, to review the draft plan.

For the remainder of the year, it was a struggle with administration, the teachers all were great with Baili, but instituting this for future kids was not going anywhere.

I started an Office of Civil Rights (OCR) complaint and the next school year we went to another school who had a robust plan.

After we left, the old school was mandated to instate a plan and would be monitored.

They were required to send us a notice of having a plan in place and to ask if we would like to re-enroll, but we did not. I was happy the plan was now in place and other kids would have some protection.

Note working with the OCR was relatively easy. If the school is receiving federal funds and your child has a 504 plan, then they are in jeopardy of losing funding if they are not in compliance.

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