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School nurse retire- ensure transition

Mr. Jennings,

I hope your family is having a great summer. We have hired a new nurse, , and a new counselor, will be in the office tomorrow, so I'll be able to speak to him about Baili's allergy. I will also speak to Ms. Feby to coordinate the 504 meeting. I am sure that she will follow the same procedures as Mrs. Chapman. She'll be in touch soon. Please tell the kids "hi" for me and I'll see you soon.

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Hope you had a nice summer.

I heard Mrs Chapman and Mrs Downward retired (they will be missed), I am unsure if they are still there transitioning so I added them to the email. If they are not, I would like to get Baili’s allergy on the radar.

We met in September last year, they provided the information about allergies to the Bus driver and teachers… I remember Baili teachers sent home a letter, explaining a student has allergies to raise awareness….

I just want to ensure everything was in place like the previous years.




Brandon Jennings

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Subject: RE: Baili Jennings - 504 meeting Request

Mrs. Chapman,

Thanks for the quick reply and the work with the teacher and planned work with the bus driver.

I too look forward to the meeting.

Thanks again.



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Subject: RE: Baili Jennings - 504 meeting Request

Mr. Jennings,

I spoke with Mrs. Jackson and gave her and the specialist a copy of Baili’s 504 plan today. I have a copy on my desk for the bus driver. We will meet by the end of Sept. to review the plan and make any necessary changes. Every September I meet with parents and teachers of all 504 students. I wait a few weeks so that teachers can have the opportunity to provide the accommodations and get to know the students so that they can provide valuable input @ our meetings. Parents can request additional meetings anytime during the school year. We look forward to meeting with you. A notice of meeting will be sent home with Baili after I coordinate dates with the teachers.

Pat Chapman


Sent: Tuesday, August 19, 2014 4:25 PM

Subject: Baili Jennings - 504 meeting Request


Hope you all had a nice summer.

I would like request a 504 meeting as we did last year.

Please advise on when we can meet.

Thanks and have a nice day.



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