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Six flags allergy

They said she can take in food

And it is primarily nut free

Other than packaged items

And the supervisor can bring out packages for ingredients

Thank You For Contacting Six Flags Great Adventure!We received the message you sent via the Six Flags Great Adventure website about food allergies and will respond soon.

Greetings from Six Flags Great Adventure!

This message is just to confirm receipt of the question you recently left on the Six Flags Great Adventure website about food allergies. Your message is being forwarded to the appropriate department at the park and we will contact you as soon as possible (definitely within seven days, but usually much sooner).

Thank you for your message, and have a great day!


Six Flags Great Adventure

For your reference, the content of your message is included below.

Message Category Food Allergies Message Text we are coming Tomorrow Tuesday June 27 to Six flags Nj and I have a child with a tree nut and peanut allergy, can she eat at any specific restaurant. She usually gets either pizza or chicken nuggets. The issue is cross contact or of course the product has nuts. So for example the pizza, the maker, did they touch any nuts then touch the pizza? (cross contact) or is there nuts in the ingredients. Similar to the nuggets, is it possible for a kitchen staff to make a salad with nuts, then turn around and touch the chicken nuggets or on the ingredient list for the nuggets - does it have nuts. please advise thanks and have a nice day

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