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Whole food allergy

Hi Brandon,

Thank you for contacting Whole Foods Market. If the product states “contains tree nuts (coconut)” or “may contain tree nuts (coconut)”, that is an indication that coconut is the only tree nut they are referring to.

Many thanks,


Hello Brandon,

Thank you for contacting Whole Foods Market. Thank you for requesting more information about the 365 Everyday Value Organic Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites and the 365 Everyday Value Organic Coconut Milk. We collect information from our vendors about those allergens present in the facility that have been identified and listed by the US Food and Drug Administration and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as the most common for their respective countries. If an ingredient has not been designated as a common allergen by the FDA or CFIA, suppliers of our 365 Everyday Value and Whole Foods Market brand products are not required to let us know whether it is present in the facility.

Both of these products contain tree nuts in the ingredients.

Tree nuts are present in the manufacturing facility. Manufacturers are required to utilize Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and preventative controls to ensure food safety, including minimizing allergen risk. These include, but are not limited to: thorough cleaning of machinery, use of scheduling to segregate allergen ingredients and non-allergen ingredients, and line testing.

We’re unable to answer your question about whether tree nuts are present on the same manufacturing lines, or to answer any questions about other ingredients present in the facility. Whole Foods Market does not gather this information from our vendors; and, manufacturers may utilize their production equipment, or unlisted ingredients in their facility, as long as GMPs are used.

While the manufacturer has done everything in its ability to reduce the risk of cross-contamination with the use of GMPs, the complexities of the agricultural process and food ingredient supply chain mean that the risk of cross-contamination cannot be completely eliminated. We encourage our customers to take this into consideration when selecting products. We also recommend reviewing the product label for the most accurate information and speaking to your doctor if you have any questions about whether a product is appropriate for you or your family member.

If we can be of further help, don’t hesitate to reply to this email or contact us at 1-844-WFM-TALK.

Many thanks,

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